Mission: To Be Mythic. High Caliber Progression, Strong leadership through experience and passion, and keeping the hardcore mentality without the toxicity.

Mythic was founded by a community of World First Raiders specifically for Ashes of Creation, ranging from the old generation raiders to the new(Eq/Eq2/WoW/SwTor/Wildstar). Mythic is a Hardcore guild and as such, We expect a lot from our members. Simply put, Settling for Second, just won't do. All of our members focus on maintaining a highly competitive atmosphere because we are here to compete and as such we are looking for individuals who will be putting the time and effort required to achieve our goals.

Loot doesn't equal talent and our leadership recognizes that mechanics and persistence are what push good raiders to be great. Your very existence should be to improve the overall performance of the guild, not drag it down. Our leadership focuses on a single key thing when its time to compete, Aggressive Progression. If you can't maintain your life outside of the game, there's a good chance this community will only seem elitist to you. After all, Only the truly hardcore can call themselves Mythic.

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