Mythic Guild Charter


  • Mutual respect
  • Serious but Fun Enviroment
  • Teamwork
  • Progression

Members’ Rights

1. You have the right to be free from drama. Personal disagreements should be kept private. Inflammatory debates about race, religion, politics, sexual orientation do not belong in guild chat, Discord, or on the Mythic forums. Personal attacks have no place anywhere, and wont be tolerated in Mythic.

2. You have the right to guild-mates who know how to act like human beings. A little good-nature trash talking is fine; finding a person’s weak spot and hammering it until they have a breakdown is not. In other words: be a human.

3. You have the right to guild-mates who act in the interest of the team. We don’t all have to be best friends to recognize the benefit of acting in ways that help other guild members. Being strong as individuals makes us stronger as a team; helping individuals helps all of us.

(Subject to change)



Small Council:

The Small Council is made up of a small handful of the guilds most dedicated members, they Advise the GM  about political matters and strategy in Ashes.

Guild Leader:

The Guild Leader is in Charge of the Small Council. This person has final decision-making power in Ashes. The Guild Leader decides who may speak for the guild and in what capacity each officer serves. In addition to managing in-game operations.

Raid Leader: 

Will have a seat on the Small Council. Raid Leads duties include: Raid lead have overall say and will have priority while in Raid. We want to keep communications calm and quiet. It will be The Raid Lead’s job to call the mechanic’s/Callout’s for the Raid team to follow.

Artisan Lead:

Will have a seat on the Small Council. Artisan Lead will solve crafting issues that arise from within the guild. They will also manage the materials/resources required for the crafters in the guild as well as the resources required for Castle Sieges. Artisan lead will also set events/challenges for crafters to complete.

PvP Lead: 

Will have a seat on the Small Council. PvP leader duties include: Have Overall say on communication during Castle Sieges, will formulate PvP strategies, will be a shot caller and or delegate shot calling to PvP Captains. They will also be in charge of Arena Teams, and delegating PvP issues/concerns.

War Council:

Is made up of PVP Leads, PvP Captains and Leadership. The purpose of the War Council is strategy in all things PVP related.

Artisan Council:

Artisan council will work to solve issues within the scope of all crafters within the guild. They will speak on behalf of the all Artisans during small council meetings. Artisans will have access to the materials/recipes from the guild bank they also will have loot rights towards any rare recipes found from the Raid Teams. The Artisan Council will be made up of all area’s of crafting Gathers, processors, and Crafters they will also Report Directly to Artisan Lead.

Shadow Council:

You currently do not have the require clearance to access this information

Senior Officers:
Senior Officers’ powers are determined on an individual basis by the Guild Leader, depending on the role the officer is intended to fill; these roles may vary depending on the needs of the guild. Officers may add or kick people from the guild, initiate disciplinary procedures where appropriate, and engage in mediation between members in the event of a dispute.

Junior Officers: 

Junior Officers are determined on an individual basis by the Guild Leader/Small Council, depending on the role the junior officer is intended to fill; these roles may vary depending on the needs of the guild. Junior Officers may not add/kick members from the guild, however they can engage in mediation between members in the event of a dispute. If a dispute escalates they will bring  it to the attention Senior Officer’s  to solve the issue.

Raid Members:

Raid members have been promoted from Member rank. They have performed satisfactorily to the set expectations set by the Guild. This can be but is not limited to: Performance, Availability, Communication and Chemistry. Raid members will have loot rights to Raid Bosses through Our DKP System. Raid Member’s will be assigned based off of specific classes required to complete raids and are subject to change.


At the end of the recruitment period, recruits who have performed satisfactory will be promoted to member status. Members of the guild have preferential loot rights, access to the guild bank and Mythic private forums. Depending on the guild mechanic’s of Ashes, there may be multiple tiers of membership (such as core members, raid members, etc.) as the guild’s play-style warrants. Playtime and event participation requirements will be determined on the needs of the guild.


New applicants to the guild must complete a recruitment period, during which time they are expected to conduct themselves as full members in accordance with guild policies and principles. A recruit may be removed from the guild by a Senior Officer at any time for any reason; a recruit who successfully completes the recruitment period will be promoted to member at the discretion of the Senior Officers.

Friends and Family:

Members may request to have friends and family members added to the guild to play casually. Friends and family members who wish to become full members must complete the application and recruitment period like any other applicant.

1. Applicants must complete the recruitment period to the satisfaction of leadership. Failure to do so may result in immediate removal from the guild.
2. Recruits, members, and leadership must uphold the principles of the guild at all times, in all game-related media.
3. Members who fail to uphold guild principles are subject to disciplinary action and/or removal from the guild at the discretion of leadership.
4. If members can’t resolve a disagreement like grownups, they may seek leadership mediation of the dispute. Leadership may mediate or decline to mediate based on officer/leader discretion.
5. Guild members are welcome to engage in spirited debate, providing the debate is kept private. Discussion of inflammatory topic’s in guild chat, Discord, or on Mythic forums may warrant disciplinary action. Personal disputes must be resolved privately.
6. Personal attacks made in a public forum may warrant disciplinary action and/or removal from guild.
7. Members may not speak for the guild in a public capacity without express permission from leadership. Hurting the guild’s reputation by behaving badly in a public forum may result in disciplinary action and/or removal from guild.

8. Performance issues, regarding not showing up to Raids or not communicating to Leadership about being late, can lead to moving from Raid Roster Team One, Or Team Two down to member status.

Blanket disclaimer:
No policy document can anticipate every contingency. Violations of policy not expressly described in this document will be dealt with by leadership in the spirit of Mythic’s guiding principles, according to their judgment.

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