Dedication, Experience and ability to work within the team structure.  Mythic members are usually decorated raiders and high caliber pvpers, but we are not above cultivating new talent as it rising.  As a world first guild we are seeking players willing to actually achieve these goals, understand, adapt and be willing to put in the time required for such a feat.

  • Leading the Progression of Raiding In Ashes of Creation
  • Hold/maintaining Castles for our own guild and that of our Alliances
  • Being able craft legendary items for our raid core, and members a like
  • Mythic strives to not only improve individual skill but that of the group and raid teams. To achieve this our members have to open to criticism and reflect on how to improve from their mistakes.
  • Mythic Leadership has proven to be seasoned leaders from PVP/PVE
  • A guild where skill and chemistry are at the forefront of our Recruitment/Active Roster.
  • Unlike other Guilds we have a specific goal for our members to achieve.

As being a Top % raiding guild, the atmosphere is very competitive, with all types of humor ranging from harmless to dark. Guild members will need to have a thick skin to handle criticism and humor thrown their way.

To form chemistry with each other, understanding each others strengths and weaknesses as early as possible while trying to recruit the highest quality of players. To have ourselves established in Ashes of Creation.

See Recruitment on our website,  we are actively recruiting only specific classes

We are Currently NA based with a few members from EU/OCE.

Yes, we offer content creator positions within our member base.

In order of priority:

  • Alpha/Beta's of Ashes of Creation
  • WoW Classic
  • Final Fantasy 14
  • We have a recruitment period where we are monitoring our members to make sure they align with our values.
  • No Member of Mythic is GIVEN A RAID SPOT it will be EARNED through proof of dedication, skill, ability to listen, and chemistry.
  • Mythic will have two Raid teams for progression, the ability to move up or down between the two teams is possible given performance.

See our charter to learn more.

Applicants will apply through our website. Recruitment is done based off of required/specific classes.

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