Looking for Hardcore PvPers

Ashes of creation is a PvX game, meaning PvP is a driving force in Ashes of creation.We want our members to be battle ready from Caravan escorting/raiding, to guild v guild wars, to Castle sieges, to protecting our raid core for world bosses.  With proper surgical precision and leadership our PvP forces will be feared on whatever server we decide to call home. Having players with proper siege, Arena, and World PvP Experience will translate to success in Ashes of Creation. We want competition, without competition we can never truly be Mythic.

Our PVP members so far are decorated PVP veterans from all types of MMO’s

  • WoW- with a few members chasing glad season to season
  • BDO- being in some of the top guilds Kyoukai, Hybrid
  • Eq2- Overseer/Overlord Titles

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